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PAPA ORO's is a family venture that was born from a desire to share our father's original homestyle dishes. The best Filipino food can be found in eateries known as "carinderias", which reside in open-air markets in the Philippines. PAPA ORO's brings the flavours of homestyle cooked meals with a simple menu and celebrates the mission to share the passion for food and the desire to deepen our roots. We are hoping to open up the box of curiosity between people, culture and food, introducing longing taste buds to flavors that you never knew you were missing.

One look at PAPA ORO's menu and it's clear that the gastronomic repertoire of the Phillipines is perhaps more colourful and tasty than many think. Whether it's braised pork, beans or chicken with lemongrass, the cuisine is reminiscent of an exotic taste that transports diners into the depths of Manila or beachside cottages of a tropical filipino island.

PAPA ORO's is like an extension of our and most likely every filipino home - a vibe of a family gathering, a casually lunch or dinner at a friends or relative's place. EVERYBODY is welcome to sit at our table - to eat, chill, have fun and enjoy life together.



PAPA ORO'S Filipino Rice Bowls & more
Weite Gasse 29

Mo - Sa: 11 - 20
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PAPA ORO'S Filipino Take Away
Bahnhof SBB Metroshop

Mo - Fr: 11 - 19 | Sa: 11 - 16
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